UK sellers report down 70% in Germany post Brexit

A big challenge for Amazon sellers is that Amazon FBA in the UK is no longer part of Amazon FBA in Europe, this means stock in the UK has not sold into the EU and stock in the EU has not sold into the UK and Amazon will not move that stock across the English Channel.

UK Online Stores, who track sellers on Amazon & eBay European marketplaces, reports that almost 70% of UK sellers on Amazon Germany have now stopped selling.

“Back in November 2019 over 9,500 sellers from the UK had made at least one sale on Nearly 50% of these sellers had made over 500 sales. However, by May 2021, 6589 sellers had not made a sale in the previous 3 months. That’s nearly 70% of sellers that have stopped listing products and making sales on Amazon Germany”, said the UK Online Stores.

Another of the main problems is about the refunds. Getting goods returned generally means, you will lose the product and have to refund the fees, as returns are simply not worth it.  The impact of Brexit on the UK economy will be worse in the long run compared to the coronavirus pandemic, the chairman of the Office for Budget Responsibility of United Kingdown, Richard Hughes, has said.

In the UK, more than one in eight online sellers say they have lost business since the deal came into force in January, some even reporting their exports have disappeared completely. More than a quarter of small firms say they are now considering moving some of their European operations out of Britain, while 16 percent have already done so.

Dispatches will reveal new analysis from the UK Trade Policy Observatory at the University of Sussex, showing that: Imports from the EU fell by a quarter in the first six months of this year (worth €38 bn), while exports fell by 13 percent (€13 bn).