Tips and Tricks for Successfully Registering Your E-Commerce Business in the German VAT System

If your Ecommerce is registered in a country other than Germany and you want to register your company in the German VAT system, you will need to submit certain documents to the Finanzamt (German Tax Administration).

Here are the key documents you need to submit:

VAT registration form:

You must complete the form called “Fragebogen zur steuerlichen Erfassung,” which can be obtained from the official website of the Finanzamt or by applying in person. Make sure to fill out the form with correct and clear information.

Company registration document in your country of origin:

Provide a document that proves the legal registration of your company in the country where it is established. This can be the company’s certificate of incorporation, extract from the commercial register or another official document proving the legal existence of your business.

Tax identification number of the country of origin:

Include a copy of the tax identification number issued by the tax authorities in the country where your Ecommerce is registered. This number is essential to identify your company and its business activities.

Tax residence certificate:

Provide a tax residence certificate issued by the tax authorities in your country of origin. This certificate proves that your company is legally established and resident in that country.

Personal identification documents:

Attach copies of the personal identification documents of the legal representatives of your Ecommerce. This can be the passport, the national identification card or another official document that proves the identity of the representatives.

Financial and accounting information:

You may be required to provide financial and accounting information, such as financial statements, income and expense reports, and sales records. These documents support the business activities of your Ecommerce.

In addition to these documents, other specific documents may be required depending on the situation of your company and current tax regulations.

TAXFBA Services

I would recommend you consult with a tax advisor specialized in international taxes as TAXFBA to get precise and personalized guidance on the specific documents that you must provide to the Finanzamt to register your Ecommerce in the German VAT system, considering the country of origin of your company.

Sometimes all these documents and steps to follow can be a bit overwhelming and especially when everything has to be done in German, which can be a very challenging language.

That´s why TAXFBA, a company easily accessible from anywhere in the world, with efficient communication with the German Tax Authorities can help your Ecommerce to achieve this registration easily and without delay.

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