These are the 5 fastest growing companies in Europe

The financial newspaper Financial Times publishes FT 1000 – Europe’s Fastest Growing, which is a ranking of the 1,000 European companies that achieved the highest growth rate in recent years.

The latest edition of its list is based on the changing situation that some sectors have experienced with the arrival of the pandemic, in some cases they even prospered due to it, especially in technology and electronic commerce.

Investors poured a record €101 billion of venture capital into European companies in 2021 with more than a third of that concentrated in IT and software as demand for cloud-based technology increased.

To create this ranking, the percentage growth in revenue of more than 50,000 European companies between 2018 and 2021 was analyzed. To enter the ranking, the minimum average growth rate required to be included this year was 36.2%.

Top 5 European companies in the ecommerce sector

Last year 365 of the featured companies were ranked, and 126 of them have been on the list for three years in a row. Regarding the countries, Italy is the most represented country with 260 companies, after Germany with 217, and the United Kingdom with 155. Despite this, London remains the city with the highest number of fast-growing companies, for the seventh consecutive year, with 83 companies on the list, followed by Paris (34) and Milan (33).

Regarding the European companies that belong to the ecommerce and retail sector, Winelivery, Journi Print, Euro Top Brand, Kazidomi and SIRPLUS stand out.

1. Winelivery – Italy (ecommerce sector)

Winelivery is a wine and beverage home delivery app. It was founded by three young creators in 2016 by Francesco Magro, Andrea Antinori and Giovanni Roberto. Its growth in recent years has been exponential, largely thanks to the pandemic. It is positioned at number 9 on the list.

2. Journi Print – Austria (ecommerce sector)

Journi Print is a company that uses technology in creative ways. They stand out for their use of artificial intelligence, making printing photos fun and easy for anyone. According to the ranking, he is in 19th place.

3. Euro Top Brand – Italy (retail sector)

The Italian company Euro Top Brand is focused on the retail industry, including the resale of new and used goods by shops and department stores. It was created in 2017 and operates in Milan. It occupies position 25 on the list.

4. Kazidomi – Belgium (ecommerce sector)

Created in 2016, Kazidomi is an online supermarket of healthy and sustainable products up to 50% cheaper than in organic stores. This ecommerce has the objective of accelerating the transition towards better consumption patterns. In the ranking it is ranked 29.

5. SIRPLUS – Germany (retail sector)

SIRPLUS is an online supermarket where you can buy products that other businesses throw away. In the world ranking of fastest growing companies, it is ranked number 32.

London remains the city with the highest number of fast-growing companies