Storage services for Ecommerce in Germany

Amazon’s FBA service is a comprehensive fulfillment solution for eCommerce sellers. With FBA, sellers can store their products in Amazon fulfillment centers and take advantage of the company’s logistics network to manage order processing, packaging, shipping, and customer service.

The FBA process is as follows:


Sellers ship their products to Amazon fulfillment centers. Amazon handles the storage of the products in its secure and climate-controlled facilities. This allows sellers to free up storage space at their own facilities.

Order Processing:

When a customer makes a purchase on the Amazon platform, Amazon handles the entire order processing process. This includes the collection of the product, packaging and labelling.

Shipping and logistics:

Amazon handles the processes of shipping and delivering products to customers. They use their own fulfillment services, like Amazon Prime, to offer fast and reliable shipping. Sellers benefit from Amazon’s global fulfillment network, allowing them to efficiently reach customers around the world.

Customer service:

Amazon takes care of customer service related to the products stored in the FBA service. This includes inquiries, returns, and refunds. Sellers don’t have to deal directly with these tasks, saving them time and resources.

Benefits of the FBA service:

  • Increased Visibility: By using FBA, products are eligible for Amazon Prime’s fast and reliable shipping option, which can increase visibility and customer trust.
  • Customer Service: Amazon takes care of customer support, allowing sellers to focus on other areas of their business.
  • Global reach: Products stored in Amazon distribution centers can reach customers around the world.

Now, as for the companies that offer similar services to FBA in Germany, here are some options:

Fulfilled by is a very popular e-commerce platform in the Netherlands and Belgium. In addition to its sales platform, offers the “Fulfilled by” service. This service allows sellers to store their products at distribution centers. When a customer makes a purchase, handles the packaging and shipping of the products, as well as related customer support.

Cdiscount Fulfillment:

Cdiscount is a leading e-commerce platform in France. Cdiscount Fulfillment is a fulfillment service that provides storage, packaging and shipping for sellers using the Cdiscount platform. Sellers can ship their products to Cdiscount’s distribution centers, and the company handles the shipping process and customer service. is a UK-based online shopping platform. In addition to its purchasing platform, offers fulfillment services for sellers. Sellers can use’s fulfillment service to store their products in the company’s distribution centers and manage shipments to their customers.


eFulfilment is a fulfillment company based in Germany. It offers storage, packaging and shipping services for e-commerce sellers in Europe, including Germany. Sellers can ship their products to eFulfilment warehouses, and the company handles shipping logistics and order management.

Remember to research and compare the different options available to determine which one best suits your business needs.

Tips for storing your Ecommerce products in Germany