Online sales rise at record rate

According to research by consulting firm Bain & Company, in U.S. retailers´ online has been increasing its sales up 68%. Only about 3% or 4% of grocery spending in the U.S. was online before the pandemic, but that has surged to 10% to 15%.

In another studio by Signifyd, these 7 categories are still up higher than the 40% overall average (May 26-June 1) compared with pre-pandemic average (February 24-March 1)

Leisure and outdoor: up 139%

Auto parts and tires: up 79%

Electronics: up 78%

Alcohol and cannabis: up 69%

Comedies and collectibles: up 48%

Home goods and decor: up 46%

General merchandise: up 41%

In the United Kingdom (7%), South Korea (19%), China (14%) customers have been quicker to adopt online grocery shopping in the latest months. For Louis Columbus, Principal of IQMS, the conclusion is that “Millions of online customers changing their behavior at the same time to opt for more time saving and convenience puts a considerable strain on e-commerce and online retailers today”. Therefore, the complicated situation that the world goes through has been a big opportunity for Ecommerce growth.