Germans have a high level of confidence in the quality and security of delivery in Ecommerce

Germany, Ecommerce

The reasons why few shoppers do not shop online differ across European countries. By comparison, German consumers in particular have few reservations about e-commerce, even if they don’t regularly order online.

While an EU-wide average of 54% of those who order very little say they consciously prefer to shop in a physical store – whether out of habit, out of loyalty to retailers or to test products – in Germany it is only 38%.

This is the third lowest value in the EU behind Hungary (21%) and Ireland (31%). In the Netherlans (85%), Spain (83%) and Croatia (82%) in particular, low-order customers prefer to support stationery stores rather than shop online.

The quality of distributors, payment service providers and delivery drivers convinces German consumers. Only two percent of the few German orderers stated that they avoid e-commerce due to the quality of the delivery (EU-27 average: 9%).

Eight percent of low orderers are concerned about the lack of payment security and data protection on the Internet. On average for the EU-27, this value is more than double (18%). Consumers are most concerned about the quality of delivery and data protection in Portugal (38% and 69% agree, respectively).

Germans ordering more frequently each year and using ecommerce more and more for their supplies