German VAT ID Number


Online sellers (Business or private persons) storing products in a German warehouse must obtain a German VAT Number from the German Tax Authorities (Finanzamt).

  • VAT ID Number (e.g. DE 123456789)

TAXFBA will prepare and submit the declarations on your behalf. After we have received the data (from your sales, shipments, imports, etc.) through one of our software solutions or directly from yourself, our VAT Compliance Team will prepare your VAT return, let you know the exact VAT amount and until when the payment to the German Tax Authority should be done.

Any company registered with the German Tax Authorities as a non-resident VAT trader must report taxable transactions through periodic filings.

Every Ecommerce has to report its intra-Community supplies in a European Community sales list (ZM report). The purpose of the European Sales List is to monitor whether or not the recipient of an intra-Community supply or service has properly reported the VAT in the country of destination.

The Ecommerce also needs to file an Annual Summary VAT Return. This declaration is a summary of the year that you must retain records and documents that are relevant for tax purposes and must submit them to the tax office upon request.

Our services regarding the VAT Compliance includes:

VAT Registration: These are the documents that we get for your Company.

  • VAT ID Number (e.g. DE 123456789)
  • Tax Number/Steuernummer (e.g. 123/456/789)

The VAT Compliance service includes:

  • 12 Monthly VAT Returns of your Ecommerce
  • ZM report (EC Sales List, ESL)
  • Annual VAT Report

OSS VAT Compliance

  • Quarterly
  • Declaration of the all cross borders transactions

TAXFBA is a company specialized in taxes in Germany. We provide VAT Registration and periodic return filing services for clients who are interested in selling their products in Germany and other PAN-EU countries through digital platforms such as Amazon, eBay, Shopify, dropshippers, etc.

Deadlines for the VAT Declarations and payments




Filing deadline

VAT Return Monthly 10th of the month following the tax period
  Quarterly 10th of the month following the tax period
  Yearly 31st of July of the Year following the tax period
ZM report Monthly 25th of the month following the tax period
  Quarterly 25th of the month following the tax period