Essential tax services for your eCommerce business in Europe

Here are the services that your Tax Advisor should provide if you have an eCommerce business in Europe to ensure proper compliance with tax obligations:

Tax registration and compliance:

Your tax advisor should handle the registration of your company for tax purposes in relevant European Union countries. This involves obtaining the necessary tax identification numbers and ensuring compliance with tax filing and payment requirements in each country.

Tax determination:

Your advisor should assist you in determining the applicable taxes for your eCommerce operations, such as value-added tax (VAT) and other country-specific taxes. They should conduct an analysis of your products or services to determine the appropriate tax rate and ensure its correct application in your transactions.

Tax filing management:

It is your tax advisor’s responsibility to prepare and file tax returns in the countries where you operate. This involves calculating the taxes owed, completing the required forms, and submitting them within the specified deadlines.

Monitoring regulatory changes:

Tax laws and regulations can change in each European Union country. Your tax advisor should stay updated on these changes and advise you on any impact they may have on your business. This will help you adapt to new regulations and avoid potential penalties.

Strategic advice:

A good tax advisor should provide strategic advice to optimize your tax structure and maximize your benefits. They can help you identify tax opportunities such as incentives or tax deductions and provide recommendations on how to improve the tax efficiency of your eCommerce business.

Representation before tax authorities:

In the event of audits or inquiries by tax authorities, your tax advisor should act as your representative and handle all communications with them. This provides you with peace of mind and ensures that proper procedures are followed during the audit process.

In TAXFBA (tax advisor) you can find each of these services. It is important to have a tax advisor who specializes in eCommerce and has experience with the tax regulations of the countries where you operate. TAXFBA will ensure that you receive appropriate guidance and can effectively fulfill your tax obligations.

Here are the services that your Tax Advisor should provide you