E-commerce grows in Europe in 2021

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Electronic commerce in Europe grew in 2021 by 13% more than the previous year, when the covid-19 pandemic broke out, even with the end of restrictions that prevented consumers from visiting physical stores, according to a Ecommerce Europe and EuroCommerce report.

The study, prepared with data from 2021 from 37 European countries, reflects a “stable” growth of e-commerce, with 718,000 million euros registered that year globally.

“In the last two years, retailers have gained a lot of experience in digitization. This acceleration was significantly driven by the pandemic, during which e-commerce and retail played an essential role”, underlined the secretary general of Ecommerce Europe, Luca Cassetti. , in the statement.

However, the study warns that in 2022 consumers are being “more cautious” in their spending due to the “general sense of uncertainty”, inflation, the impact of the Ukraine war and disruptions in global supply chains.

Despite this, at the moment it is only a “small decrease” in e-commerce sales so far this year, the text emphasizes, which shows, according to the report, that the e-commerce sector has become “indispensable” and “very resilient”.

In this regard, the Secretary General acknowledged that many European states have reported declines in purchasing power and consumer confidence, mainly due to high energy prices, inflation and uncertainty.

Electronic commerce (e-commerce) in Europe grew in 2021 by 13% more than the previous year.