Checklist One-Stop-Shop


In this questionnaire, information regarding registration in the One-Stop-Shop will be collected.

If you would like individual consultation, please contact us at or by telephone on 040 609 432 550.

1. Where is your business located? If you have more than one premises/offices, please list them all.

    • Germany
    • Other EU countries
    • 3rd Country

2. Which countries are you currently VAT registered in?

3. What services do you provide?

    • Supply of goods
    • E-Services
    • Other services

4. Who are your customers?

    • B2B- customers with VAT ID
    • End customer
    • Other special entities

5. Which business model do you use?

    • Sale via own web shop
    • Sale via an interface/ platform/ marketplace
    • Dropshipping
    • Yourself act as a marketplace/ platform

6. Which countries do you store goods in (including Amazon FBA)?

7. What are the route of goods movement?

    • From German warehouse to German customers
    • From German warehouse to customers in other EU countries
    • From other EU warehouses to customers based in the same country where the goods are stored
    • From other EU warehouses to customers based in a different country than where the goods are stored
    • Directly from a 3rd country to German customers
    • Directly from a 3rd country to other EU customers

8. Do you also deliver to end customers in 3rd countries (e.g. GB, CH, NO, US, CA)?

    • Yes
    • No

9. If sending goods from 3rd country directly to customers in the EU (including DE), do you

    • Sell via a platform
    • Sell via own web shop

10. In this case, how much is the material value of the shipment?

11. In this case, whom will the goods be customs cleared to in the EU?

12. In this case, which country does the customs clearance takes place in?

13. In this case, what import procedure is used?