Amazon will stop accepting UK-issued Visa credit cards as a payment method because Brexit


Some customers have received a statement that warns them that as of January 19, 2022, they will no longer accept these cards due to the high commissions that Visa charges to carry out transactions.

Amazon will stop accepting payments made with Visa credit cards issued in the United Kingdom starting next year, as reported by Bloomberg News.

Last month, Visa raised the fees it charges online retailers for each transaction, something it blamed on the UK leaving the EU. In turn, Amazon says it simply doesn’t want to pay higher fees and will stop accepting Visa credit cards.

And is that some Amazon users have received a notification from the company this week after making their purchases in which they are advised that “as of January 19, 2022” they will no longer accept these cards due to the high rates that Visa charges to process transactions.

However, the buyers of this ‘marketplace’ will be able to pay with Visa debit or credit cards as long as they have been issued outside the United Kingdom, according to the aforementioned media based on the information that the company has shared with its customers.